Paul Hart, web developer

Fast, accessible websites created with care. Specialising in Wordpress and Drupal

What I can do for you

Website hosting

Your website needs somewhere to live on the internet, getting a new site up and running or working with your existing arrangements I can help.

Website design

Working with your existing branding I can create a flexible design that’s accessible and works at all screen sizes. Sharing a lot of content on Facebook and Twitter? I’ll make sure it displays nice on those websites too.

Website control

I believe in putting you firmly in control of your own website, having a system that allows you to manage the content without specialist technical knowledge is key. Using software like Wordpress, Drupal or Craft I can show you how to add and edit content.

Upgrade your website

Already have software for managing your website? Upgrade to something with more control, no problem. I’ll make sure that where possible there’s no broken links, keeping your users happy.

Multimedia production

I have a lot of experience of producing multimedia content for the internet. Recording and editing video and audio, I can advise on the best approach, whilst keeping in mind accessibility of content.

Boost your comms

Move your email to G Suite, Google’s paid email offering for businesses with no downtime and instantly reduce the amount of spam and increase the security of your communications.


It’s been a real pleasure to work with Paul. His support in developing and maintaining my websites has always been exceptionally responsive, swift and effective; in other words — exactly what I need!

Prof Fergus McNeill Professor of Criminology and Social Work, University of Glasgow

I've worked with Paul on knowledge media projects over many years and always enjoy the experience. Paul has a real skill in understanding project briefs and has such a variety of creative and technical solutions at his disposal.

I know as soon as I talk to him about a project, he will produce a website or platform that is both engaging and purposeful to the end-user. Paul has broad and up to date technical knowledge. I have confidence that every site he works on will be functional and technically well built.

Robert Rae Chief Executive at 3rd Horizons